Russian Hackers Target West Deptford Township Committee Race – Mike Krawitz, a West Deptford Township Committee hopeful, has been asked to exit the race after accusations of harassing a reporter — including wishing on social media that she would be raped — were reported. Township Republican leaders released a statement saying they were led to believe Krawitz’s Facebook was hacked however, after reviewing the facts they “could not find any reasonable reason to believe Krawitz’s account was hacked in anyway.” Krawitz, a Republican who has unsuccessfully run for office in West Deptford several times, was selected to represent the party only after receiving 19 write-in votes during the primary. His running mate, Joann Priga, received 14. However, West Deptford Republican Party officials are calling for him to exit the race after he allegedly posted on Facebook wishing for the rape of Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi. Nuzzi claims that Krawitz frequently harassed her on social media since December of 2015, the most recent saying he hoped she’d be raped by a Syrian refugee. 

If you read the bolded text above this is preeeeettttty scary stuff (but also don’t read like the next dozen words after the bold). When Draymond Green is flashing little Draymond on Snapchat and says he got “hacked” we know to recognize it for the flimsy excuse it is. For an athlete, hacked just means they had one too many Redd’s Apple Ales and got a little frisky on social media. But for politicians hacking is a REALLY big deal and it does not know partisan boundaries. Russians are hacking Libtards and Conserva-idiots alike with reckless abandon. And now that the KGB is infiltrating the West Deptford Township Committee race it is even scarier, it’s one thing when they go after corrupt pols like DWS and Lyin’ Hillary but it’s another when they go after typical white picket fence local American politics. The West Deptford Township committee race is as American as apple pie and pumpkin spice and nothing screams Mr. Smith Goes to Washington like getting on the ballot with 19 write-in votes during the primary, Mike Krawitz really is a modern day Jimmy Stewart and the fact the Vladimir Putin III has hacked into his mainframe is pretty frightening if you have a deep understanding of cyber security. The fact that they were able to do it without leaving any trace that would show like during a typical hacking operation means that their tactics have improved and are eluding the cyber operations team in West Deptford, NJ, the front battle ground in the war of cyber attacks. SCARY STUFF!!

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