Evan McMullin Names Nathan Johnson as VP Candidate!

HUGE NEWS out of the McMullin campaign. For the uninitiated Evan McMullin is the legislative aide and former CIA employee who is mounting a conservative bid for the Presidency as part of the #NeverTrump movement. Although he’s struggled to get on the ballot is some states his campaign decided to unveil their VP announcement to generate some more excitement and keep the McMullin-mentum going.

In all nine states where he has officially qualified on the presidential ballot, McMullin has listed a “Nathan Johnson” as his vice presidential nominee. McMullin’s campaign won’t provide any more information about Johnson — including which of the thousands of people named Nathan Johnson the campaign is referring to — saying he is only a placeholder until McMullin names an actual running mate. But in eight of the nine states, top election officials say McMullin’s campaign can’t pull Johnson’s name off the ballot, and that it’s “Nathan Johnson” — not whomever McMullin eventually names as his pick for Vice President — that will appear on the ballot.

OK…bit of a hiccup in the announcement it seems like. VP announcements are pretty overblown anyway and are generally anti-climactic so accidentally putting a generic name on the ballot adds a toooon of excitement to the mix. Only question is, which Nathan Johnson is it going to be? A look at the Top 3 candidates…

  1. Nathan Johnson


Michigan athletes have always done well in the White House so this seems like a natural pick for the VP slot. And based on the last 8 years of Presidential politics this Nathan Johnson just looks presidential. Age could be a huge limiting factor here though as he is only about 5 months past being of the legal voting age.

2. Nathan Johnson


This vaguely ethnic looking Nathan Johnson could help swing some Trump voters are are turned off by racially insensitive comments Trump tends to make on a fairly regular basis. He is best known for being Mormon and giving an invocation at the RNC so this would work the first double Mormon whammy at the top of a ticket.

3. Nathan Johnson


This Nathan Johnson is some sort of musician/producer so his potential to appeal to Millenials is yuuuuge. Additionally, gut reaction is he vaguely looks like the pajama kid from the Obamacare ads so lots of crossover potential for Democrats who are bearish on Hillary due to trust issues.



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