Mike Pence Ain’t No Ride or Die Chick

Politico – For Pence’s part, the Indiana governor said he does believe Obama was born in Hawaii, as his birth certificate states and has been exhaustively documented. “Well I believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, I accept his birthplace,” Pence told reporters during a brief gaggle aboard his campaign plane before a fundraising event here. “I just don’t know where he’s coming from on foreign policy and on economics and on Obamacare.”

I had always thought of Mike Pence in a sort of rarified air. He was the ultimate ride or die chick, always there to back up his man no matter what. Bonnie and Clyde. Ja Rule and Charli Baltimore. That kind of thing. That kind of support gives you a sort of confidence and cockiness that can’t be overstated. No matter what you say or who you say it to you know your #2 has got your back and is willing to put his neck on the line. Now, on Donald’s longest held, most incomprehensible belief, Mike Pence has the nerve to go back and question Donald’s wisdom. Does Pence even know who made him? Without Trump in 2020 Mike Pence is just another run of the mill Republican with no association to the 2016 race and the Trump campaign at all. Trump ensured he will be forever tied to this campaign throughout the annals of history and it will be the first line in his obituary, how Pence can ever take that for granted is unfathomable. Chris Christie is probably chomping at the bit after hearing this one, he knows he would never dare go back on something the Dear Leader said. So Donald, if you’re reading and looking for a running mate who will never question your wisdom, take an extra second to chat with that big guy who delivers your McDonalds, he might have just what you’re looking for.

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