Christie Tells Retired General To Shut Up

TPM – Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who attended a recent classified security briefing as an advisor to Donald Trump, interrupted intelligence officials so many times that Chris Christie had to intervene, according to a Thursday report from NBC News. The Aug. 17 briefing at the FBI’s New York bureau, which was delivered by career staffers of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, prompted repeated questions from Flynn, three anonymous sources familiar with the matter told NBC. The interruptions were enough to prompt the New Jersey governor, who also attended the briefing as a Trump adviser, to touch Flynn’s arm in an effort to calm the general down, one source said.

You tell him Chris! Christie has been radio silent but out of nowhere we have him telling a retired 3 star Army general to shut his mouth. While the article doesn’t necessarily go into the specifics of the intervention, knowing Christie it’s obvious he backs down to no man or woman (Trump excluded).


Look at him getting in Snooki’s face right here. If he’s willing to get that close to a walking toxic waste depository he’s got no problem going nose to nose with some pansy general who got so old and weak he had to quit the Army. I’m sure Christie threw in some F-bombs and reminded Skinny Mike Flynn whose boss. It was a lunch time meeting so odds are Christie probably had a Reuben or a chili dog in hand at the time. But Christie’s a multi-tasker so he can give it to someone without even putting down his meal like he did to that reporter on the boardwalk.


Chris Christie’s role in the Trump campaign has been a magical roller coaster with extra wide seats and a seat-belt extension. He went from the first mainstream politician to endorse Trump to the McDonald’s bag boy who may or may not have been held hostage by the Trump campaign. But Chris is a fighter and if Donald Trump is elected President, Christie will make sure the Attorney General’s office has to install William Howard Taft’s old bathtub. This power move over Mike Flynn is just the first stop in Christie’s ride to back to prominence. Do your thing big boy, do your thing, somebody cue the music:


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