The Only Trump Analogy You Need

The overeducated, elitist, liberal MSM is constantly trying to make historical analogies to explain the Donald Trump phenomenon. Is Trump like 1964 Republican Nominee Barry Goldwater, who notoriously struggled with black voters because of his opposition to the the Civil Rights Act?


I don’t really know because I’m not a nerd who wastes his times in history books but personally I don’t see the similarities.

Or is he more similar to segregationist governor George Wallace?


Other than the very forward thinking head gear I don’t really see this one either.

The average American voter wants to be told what to think of Trump in terms they understand, and the average American voter doesn’t even remember who ran for President 4 years ago, never mind 100 years ago when we still used floppy discs. If you, the average voter who doesn’t care much for politics, wants to understand Trump, just remember two words. The Boz.


Boz, like Trump, will be remembered in the history books that we will never read for his great hair, but he was so much more than that. Although their affinity for golden flowing locks is the most obvious similarity, the comparison goes much deeper than that. When he was at Oklahoma, Bosworth was a man amongst boys and decimated the competition with reckless abandon, sound familiar?


People don’t forget Jeb.

Like Trump, Bosworth was just as well known for his off field behavior as he was for his play on the field, and he was never afraid to speak his mind to challenge the PC police (he once wore a t-shirt that read “National Communists Against Athletes”). Does this sound like anyone else you might know?


As electric as Bosworth was on the field during his college days, he just never panned out in the NFL, recording 4 sacks during the 24 games he played over the course of 3 seasons. Bosworth took his cocky trash talking image to the NFL but it wasn’t nearly as intimidating when he couldn’t keep up with professional competition.


Now that Trump is deep into the general election (which is the NFL in this analogy, keep up) and trailing Lyin Hillary in almost every battleground state, his irrational self-confidence seems a lot less inspiring and a lot more delusional.


Although so far the analogy hold ups, it’s too early to say definitively how things will turn out for Trump, but right now they are not looking good. After his NFL career Bosworth dabbled in acting with an appearance on CSI: Miami and a number of straight to video movies. If Trump gets crushed in the general election it’s a fate he might be unable to avoid with his love of being in the spotlight and on camera.


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