Trump Not as Offensive as Initially Believed

Fox News – Donald Trump, it turns out, is not very good at impressions — but that could be his alibi against persistent accusations that he mocked a reporter’s disability last fall.  Trump’s spastic arm waving at a rally last November while mimicking New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski drew swift condemnation from opponents who claimed Trump was making light of a disability. It’s followed him ever since. The Washington Post gave Trump four Pinocchio’s for his denials, and Hillary Clinton used a clip of the impression in a video released Tuesday slamming Trump. But a pro-Trump, Catholic website has compiled footage appearing to show Trump has a very limited repertoire of impressions — which the site points to as “evidence” he wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability. Catholics 4 Trump posted four videos – one of which dates back to 2005 – in which Trump impersonates everyone from Sen. Ted Cruz to The Donald himself with the same, flailing mannerisms and goofy speech. At a February rally in South Carolina, Trump deployed the impression style to mock Cruz’s answer to a question about waterboarding that was posed during an earlier debate. With a panicked look on his face and his hands flapping about, Trump stammered “Oh, I don’t wanna talk about it!”

Fox News recently revealed a detailed investigative report looking into allegations that Donald Trump once mocked a disabled reporter during a rally earlier in the election cycle. Coverage of the investigation dominated Fox News’ website today.


Despite the groundbreaking revelations, the mainstream media has been largely silent on this report, which totally exonerates Trump from allegations that he mocked a disabled reporter. Partisan liberal news outlets attempted to bury the most pressing story of the day with inane and trivial news stories.


Not surprising that a terrorist sympathizing outlet like al-Jazeera would attempt to bury an important story that clears Trump of any wrongdoing. Instead their site is plastered with reports about ceasefires and violence and the UN and Syria. Convenient that as soon as a positive news story about Trump surfaces all of a sudden al-Jazeera decides that today is the day to cover the Syria conflict which has been going on for years now, oh now all of a sudden something important is happening over there?

Investigative reporting on this crucial issue indicates that Trump’s impression of a disabled reporter is eerily similar to other impressions he has done in the past. Below is the video of Trump allegedly mocking the reporter:

And below is a video of Trump describing himself during a hypothetical safari vacation to Africa:

As you can see, Trump’s impression of himself is nearly indistinguishable from his impression of a reporter with a physical disability which impairs his ability to move his arms. These attacks on Trump solely due to his lackluster skills as an impressionist are unfair and unwarranted. If the liberal media had it their way President Frank Caliendo and VP Martin Short would be in the situation room of the White House with Army Chief of Staff Jay Pharoah (note: in this hypothetical scenario Pharoah would be the first ever African-American Army Chief of Staff so congratulations Jay on shattering another barrier).

It is also possible Trump was not mocking the reporter at all but just attempting to get in his daily exercise in an attempt to cut some weight on the campaign trail.

Trump is out on the campaign trail every day speaking for hours at a time and often lacks the time to work out or prepare healthy meals and is often forced with no option but KFC, McDonalds, or other fast food to eat. How can a billionaire on the move like Trump expect to maintain a healthy diet throughout the rigors of a Presidential campaign. What’s he supposed to do, hire a nutritionist? Roger Ailes and Chris Christie alone take up six seats on Trump Force One, where is he supposed to fit a team of chefs? The only exercise Trump is able to get to counteract the effects of his diet is violently flailing his arms during his speeches and rapidly changing the register of his voice; this is no different than someone who works at a standing desk or takes a walk around the building at lunch. Not all of us have the time to go jogging in the morning or the resources to hire a personal trainer. For some Americans who work hard everyday and don’t rely on welfare programs to provide for them, this is the only exercise they can get.


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