Trump Ends Hillary’s Birther Lies

NY Times – Donald J. Trump publicly retreated from his “birther” campaign on Friday, tersely acknowledging that President Obama was born in the United States and saying that he wanted to move on from the conspiracy theory that he has been clinging to for years. Mr. Trump made no apology for and took no questions about what had amounted to a five-year-long smear of the nation’s first black president. Instead, he claimed, falsely, that questions about Mr. Obama’s citizenship were initially stirred by the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, in her unsuccessful primary contest with Mr. Obama in 2008.

Today Donald Trump held a MAJOR press conference (sans questions from the press)/hotel infomercial where he addressed the birther controversy that has surrounded President Obama since 2008.

Some in the liberal punditry are calling Trump’s press conference an elaborate “rick roll” of the media, if true it is a very smart strategic move to court millenial voters who are well known for their love of memes.

Despite doubts about whether his place of birth was in the United States, Obama has adamantly claimed he was born in a state called “Hawaii” and is in fact a natural born citizen.

Pretty fishy claims from the President here. He was not even a day old when he was born, how can he be so confident about the location? Since Obama’s claims about his birthplace are so dubious, Trump did the nation a favor today by proclaiming that Obama WAS born in the United States and finally putting the discussion to an end. Trump’s remarks were a clear message to those stoking the birther controversy to give it a rest and turn to the real issues.


Trump also called out the Clinton campaign for starting the “birther” movement and perpetuating the rumor that Obama/Barry Soweto was born in Kenya. Clinton’s support of the birther movement notorious drove a huge rift between her and Obama following the 2008 election.

Despite how confidently Trump made his assertions and his stellar track record with the truth, some in the media doubted Trump’s claim that HRC was the original birther-in-chief.

What fact checkers do not realize is that real Americans see Trump speaks from his heart/paunchy gut and that there are things more important than “facts.”

These Trump supporters have created a reality in which fact-checkers are not needed, which will force journalist nerds out of useless fact-checking jobs  and into manufacturing and similar industries which will help drive production in the American economy and help America better compete with China. Trump has simultaneously allowed the national conversation to re-focus on real issues like the money we waste on the FDA to screen foods for bacteria that could kill children and the elderly and ALSO done more to increase American manufacturing than Obama has been able to do in 8 years.

Trump’s proclamation that the birther controversy is now officially over was strategically done just 10 days before the first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton. Now that this distraction is behind us the debates can focus on real issues that affect everyday Americans like whose hands are bigger.

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