Hey Celebs, Leave Politics to the Politicians

Huffington Post – Everybody’s favorite carefree black boy, Chance the Rapper, has announced an amazing plan to bring music and social change to his fans. The Chicago native revealed on Twitter Wednesday that he will provide concert-goers the opportunity to register to vote during his world tour in partnership with the NAACP’s #staywokeandvote campaign. Volunteers from the NAACP’s Youth and College Division will be present at several U.S. performances of the rapper’s “Magnificent Coloring World Tour,” to help first-time voters register so that they will be able vote in the upcoming presidential election.

In a disturbing trend of celebrities overstepping their boundaries and speaking out on political matters which should be left to properly qualified and well trained individuals like Rush Limbaugh, Chance the Rapper has teamed up with the NAACP to register voters at his concerts. Many people do not know this but NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People. People would be much less supportive of this effort if they knew it was done in partnership with an organization that still calls black people COLORED. Furthermore, if their name is any indication, the NAACP will ONLY be registering black voters, a racist attempt to undermine the impact of votes cast by white people. If the NAACP is going to be registering voters at Chance the Rapper concerts then the NAA Lack of Color P needs to be setting up shop at every Hoobastank and Insane Clown Posse concert to ensure white people are still represented at the polls. Realistically, voter registrations events should be held at non-partisan venues like Kid Rock concerts because the only colors he sees are red, white, and blue (probably a little more so white than the other two but it is fairly close). Of course this movement is ignorantly being advertised with the pound sign #staywokeandvote. Obviously Chance the Rapper, protege of Kanye “College Dropout” West, does not even know that woke is a PAST tense verb and it is grammatically impossible to “stay woke.”

This is not the first time that celebrities have tried to get involved in politics; it has happened before and the results have been disastrous. In 2008, Rock the Vote, an organization led by liberal celebrities, ran the largest youth voter registration drive ever. This of course directly led to the election of Barack Hussein Obama which of course led to Obamacare which led to death panels being instituted which determined whether elderly Americans would live or die. If you have a grandparent that died between now and 2008 there is a very good chance that Puff Daddy directly contributed to their death. Fitting that a flip-flopper like Puff Daddy who cannot settle on a single name for himself would advocate for liberal causes like voting that are a threat to American democracy as we know it.Can you imagine if the Civil Rights movement in the ’60s had relied on singers and entertainers to spread its message? Nothing would have been accomplished other than changing the national anthem (which MLK and Muhammad Ali would most certainly have STOOD for) to “One Nation Under a Groove.” Instead of relying on celebrities to tell them to vote, how about young Americans get off their butts and turn on cable news so they can hear real, substantive discussions about the issues.


It would be one thing if entertainers were speaking out for pro-American causes like supporting our troops, not burning the flag, or taking instant replay back out of baseball. Instead, when given a national audience, many celebrities choose to instead sympathize with our enemies and give aid and comfort to ISIS.

Obviously adult Americans are not fooled by these terrorist sympathizing protests, but gullible teenagers who will butt chug a Four Loko for Instagram followers because Justin Bieber did it are another matter. Already American high school football players are imitating Kaepernick’s “protest” against the troops and kneeling during the National Anthem.

Guess these guys didn’t get the memo that they are in school to play FOOTBALL and not to question centuries old practices like honoring our flag and paying tribute to the troops. Thanks to celebrities like Kaepernick who are a dangerous influence on our children, ISIS now has higher favorability ratings on high school campuses than Congress. No reasonable high school football player can be expected to master the intricacies of the wish-bone offense when they are being inundated with dangerous political messages on a daily basis. Other than oil, our children are our country’s most precious resource. If students want to succeed in this country perhaps they should spend a little less time studying race and politics and more time studying their playbooks so that they can potentially earn a scholarship to play football and get the chance to go to college.

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