Trump Transition Kicks Into High Gear

Donald Trump’s historic election as President of the United States has sent shock waves through both major American political parties, with Democrats desperately trying to figure out what went wrong and Republicans scrambling to find enough Attention Deficit Disorder medications to stock the Oval Office for four years. Few in the media anticipated a Trump victory and even fewer in the Trump campaign saw it coming. Pollsters and pundits wrongly believed that an increasingly diverse electorate would turn out to elect Clinton, however, they failed to account for a galvanized Brock Turner demographic that voted for Trump in record numbers.


Fears that had persisted throughout the campaign that Clinton would not accept the results of the election were realized when millions of her supporters participated in anti-Trump protests throughout the country in the wake of his victory. Despite campaigning with high profile celebrity surrogates like Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, and Katy Perry throughout the final weeks of her campaign, Clinton still failed to win over Rust Belt voters who had been economically devastated by the recession and never saw the recovery that the rest of the country experienced. It remains to be seen if the Democratic Party will learn anything from their mistakes and realize that celebrity surrogates must be brought onto the campaign trail earlier and in larger numbers to truly have their desired effect.

Now that Trump is officially the President-elect, his inner circle has been working at a break neck pace to plan the transition and properly staff the White House. Since he does not have enough children to fully staff his entire cabinet, Trump has been looking at a variety of elected officials, retired military officers, and Duck Dynasty cast members to act as his closest advisers. The high profile role Trump’s children have played in his campaign and are likely to play in his administration is upsetting to many Democrats who have historically been to opposed to nepotism and dynastic political families. Trump is likely to reward those who endorsed his campaign early on with top positions in his administration, as evidenced by Rudy Giuliani’s name being floated as a potential Secretary of State. The selection of Giuliani would be a historic choice, as high profile cross dressers are usually limited to serving in the Justice Department.


Although he has so far only made two official announcements for top advisers, Trump’s selections of Reince Preibus as Chief of Staff and Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist have already drawn tremendous criticism and controversy. Bannon is most well known as the CEO of Breitbart Media, which was formed to capitalize on the growing demographic of people who think that Ann Coulter is not nearly racist enough. While Bannon has been described variously as a white supremacist, misogynist, anti-Semite, racist, and a fatter, drunker Phillip Seymour Hoffman, prominent Trump surrogate and moon base proponent Newt Gingrich has rushed to Bannon’s defense.

The argument of not racist by affiliation is a convincing one that has been used by many historical figures like Strom Thurmond who was not racist because he had sex with black women and Riley Cooper who was not racist because he had lots of black teammates.

Many in the political and media universe are looking to Trump’s cabinet choices to try to predict what type of administration the notoriously unpredictable Trump will run. Will Trump attempt to win over Congressional Republicans by appointing traditional Washington conservatives like Sarah Palin and Ben Carson, or will he follow through on his pledge to #draintheswamp of D.C. insiders by appointing anti-establishment reformers like Jamie Dimon and Bob Corker. Trump has already expressed a desire to spend as much time as possible away from the White House, either at Trump Tower in Manhattan or at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, so his cabinet selections are likely to play an out-sized role in governing the country. Decision on issues not of direct interest to Trump, namely anything that does not involve talking about himself at length, are likely to be delegated to senior staff.

To aid the transition process, Trump has appointed a transition team to help him fill top White House positions and develop the official policies of a Trump administration. Many on the transition team will likely be appointed themselves to senior jobs in the White House, this will be very convenient for Peter Thiel who will now just have to walk down the hall to Mike Pence’s office when it’s time to report for his mandatory electro-shock conversion therapy. The team had been led by Chris Christie, but he was recently demoted to being one of six vice chairmen with Mike Pence serving as the overall chairman of the team. Christie has previously been one of Trump’s closest advisers but his role in the campaign shrunk in its closing weeks and his position in a Trump administration is not guaranteed. Christie’s appointment as a senior official in the White House would be a logistical nightmare as William Howard Taft’s bathtub would have to be taken out of storage and re-installed. Additionally, Trump’s proposed hiring freeze on federal workers would likely prohibit the growth in kitchen staff required to accommodate Christie.

With no political experience to speak of, Trump faces a steep learning curve in gaining an understanding of the inner workings of the Oval Office. Trump will rely on his advisers perhaps more than any President in history and the appointments he makes in the coming months will give valuable insight into what the White House will look like over the next four years. Hopefully Trump will appoint qualified advisers who will lead him through the challenges of the American presidency. It is important that the American people come together to root for Trump to succeed, because if Trump succeeds, America succeeds. Millions of American children will be praying for him every morning, as mandated by Secretary of Education Ben Carson.

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