Sessions Will Advance The Fight Against Reverse Racism

On February 8th, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was confirmed as the next Attorney General of the United States. Sessions’ confirmation hearing was marred with accusations from liberals that Sessions is a racist or sympathetic to the KKK. It is telling that the lone Democratic vote for Sessions was West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin; if anyone is able to tell who is and is not in the KKK it would be a West Virginia Senator. I guess no one told the other 47 Democrats in the Senate that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 made racism against the law, so legally, it is impossible for Sessions to be a racist.

What the Civil Rights Act did not address however, was reverse racism. While discriminating against black people has been illegal for over 50 years, white teenagers who can’t dance and point guards who happen to be the coaches son face reverse racism each and everyday. Of course the Obama administration in its closing days shut down Vine, which contained thousands upon thousands of pieces of evidence of reverse racism against white students.

Look no further than the National Basketball Association or National Football League for proof that reverse racism is alive and well in American society. Despite the vast majority of fans for both leagues being white, the actual athletes are overwhelmingly African American. How can white fullbacks and team managers expect to compete when they have to spend countless hours learning intricate handshakes that their black teammates already know? The Jason Sehorns of the world have to work twice as hard to have half the success of their black counterparts.

The Civil Rights division of the Justice Department has a budget of tens of millions of dollars but not a single penny is spent fighting reverse racism. It’s no surprise that the Obama administration continuously praised Civil Rights leaders like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, but was completely silent when it came to the fight against reverse racism. If you were waiting for Obama to honor heroes of the movement like Vanilla Ice and John Stockton, hope you weren’t holding your breath.

The black-washing of history is a dangerous trend that Sessions will be a major force in correcting. Imagine his surprise when he heard his favorite movie was being remade, only to find out that the new Birth of a Nation was actually a dangerous piece of black power propaganda. His disappointment is unimaginable.

Sessions faces an uphill battle in correcting these wrongs that have been perpetuated throughout American society over the past fifty years. A Justice Department task force or an All Lives Matter Day will not be enough to fully reverse reverse racism. This is an issue that permeates every fiber of American culture. Obama thought that any crisis could be solved with a soaring speech or address. If Sessions thinks he can solve this entrenched problem with 1,488 words of rhetoric, he’s sorely mistaken.

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