Chelsea In 2018 Is A Start, But It’s Not Enough

As of this writing, Donald Trump has been President for just over two months. However, anyone who considers themselves part of the #Resistance© knows that it feels much longer than that. Resisting Trump has been an exhausting effort for the many of us who are involved. The .@’ing Trump, the sharing of Keith Olbermann videos, the re-reading Harry Potter for guidance. It is draining but it is worth it.

While it’s important to keep posting, the next major effort to beat the Trump agenda will take place at the ballot box. The 2018 midterm election is our chance to take back control of Congress and tell Trump, “Sir, Mr. President Sir, we are tired of you ‘Putin’ Russian interests first, sir,” as John McCain and Lindsey Graham knowingly smile along as we epically destroy Trump on the floor of the House. Things may feel bleak right now, but our chances of taking back the House are stronger than you might think. In 2016, 23 Congressional districts voted for Clinton but also voted for a Republican representative. That’s 23 districts that wanted to vote Clinton but there simply weren’t enough Clintons on the ballot. That’s enough to win the House.

There have been rumors that Chelsea Clinton might run for a seat in the House or Senate, but, recently she has stated that she will not be running for public office. This is a mistake. The data is clear, people want more of the Clintons. However, even if Chelsea were to run, that’s only one district. Charlotte will not be eligible for over twenty years and Hillary has far more important work to do behind the scenes.

Just running accomplished, dynamic candidates isn’t enough. We need the Clinton name for the star power it brings and the excitement it generates. Say what you want about the Republican Party, but they understand what gets people going. Big name, inspiring leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell won them the House and Senate, and then Trump used his celebrity, with the help of some Russian hacking, to barely win the election on a technicality (Hillary actually got 3 million more votes). Democrats need star power that can push back on that. People seem to forget that between Bill’s presidency and Hillary graciously letting Obama win the 2008 primary, the Clintons have given the Democratic Party all of the success it’s had in the last 30 years.

Hillary is all of our Abuelas, and it’s time she got some more grandchildren. That’s right. I am proposing that Hillary adopts 23 people across the country to run for Congress and #DumpTrump. It’s one thing to endorse candidates, but to give them the Clinton name will guarantee the Democrats a win in 2018. Hillary will know how to pick a diverse crowd of candidates that can win over moderate Republicans in key swing districts. I’m talking female retired ICE agents, Muslim insurance executives, HFMOC (Hedge Fund Managers of Color). Hillary will pick candidates that make minorities say “Hey, that person kind of looks like me!” without scaring off suburban soccer moms who write letters to the editor about how the kids from the poor towns come trick or treat in her development.

Now is the time to wake up our country from the Soviets, and the first step is to win back the House. We will need a full scale Congressional investigation into politicians, journalists, and even celebrities with ties to Russia, and we’re going to need some more Clintons to make it happen. Paul Ryan is too busy eating borscht and reading Solzhenitsyn to do anything about it, Democrats will have to be the ones to scare off the Red menace. Do you think the recent popularity of joggers and track suits is a coincidence? Mother Russia is on our doorstep, and we need Sister Hillary to help shoo her away.

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